Joyce Taylor, Eva LaBosse, Kay P. Rinha – Sisters are doing it for themself!

Christy Fire – New world coming

Franka – Lampenfiber

Sophie DischOnSenf – Welcome to my life

Ruby Mars – Goddess to Animal

Die übrige Puppe – You don´t own me

Joyce Taylor – Enorm Physical

Elke Pone – Sing for absolution

Patrischa Davis – Used to know me


Eva LaBosse – Don´t rain on my parade

Nütti – Oh no!

Luna und Fluidia – Phantom

Luna und Fluidia – Sommernachtsschmetterling

Lissie Lord

Christy Fire – No tears left to cry

Sophie DischONSenf – Lied

Franka – Diva

Kay P. Rinha – Roxy

Die übrige Puppe – Show yourself

Elke Pone

Rana Hava – Behemoth


Joyce Taylor, Eva LaBosse, Kay P. Rinha – Raise your glass!